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Panic Best Opposite in NAWRA meet 2011
Panic getting 6th at the NAWRA National
Panic hunting
Panic racing, photo Tom Guffy
More bling
Panic's pretty head
Panic at 2 years old.
Panic at 2 years old.
Pretty Panic at 10 months old, September 2009. Photo courtesy of Beth Levine.
Panic and Chili, the whites seem to love each other
Panic (top) with her new 'mini me' - little half brother Chili
Panic and Dude
Panic, Dude and Tick
Pretty Panic at 10 months old, September 2009. Photo courtesy of Beth Levine.
Panic May 2010
Panic's Pedigree (from the Whippet Archives)

Born: 12-8-08
Bred by: Susan Heiniger
Owned by Laurel & Don Behnke

Panic gets 23rd at the 2014 NAWRA National at almost 6 years old. super proud of our girl.

Panic loves coursing and though she is very fast on her run up to the hare, she lacks the hare’s agility but somehow still manages to get her first AK in NOFCA in 2012

Top 10 2013 NAWRA National!!! Very proud of Panic at 5 years old getting such a high placement at a National.

#8 May 2013 BCWRC NAWRA

#6 Sept 2103 WWRC NAWRA

#7 Sept 2013 WWWA NAWRA

Panic was #7 NAWRA for 2011 (Chili #24), also earned her OTR in 2012.

The last race meet of the year for us finds us in Ca again. Nov 26, 2012 Panic is second in the meet, splitting the top National points.

The very next week, Oct 9th we are back on the west coast in Chico, Ca at the NAWRA National where Panic gets 8th place!

Oct 1, 2012 Panic goes to the WRA National in Indiana with 100 Whippets and is 6th, getting a bunch of WRCH points!!

Sept 3, 2012 NCWC NAWRA 41 Whippet meet; Panic gets 3rd, getting 4 RCH points winning the first High Point and finishing her Race Championship!!!

Aug 27, 2012 BCWRC Remembering Finnigan meet; 3rd out of 31, getting 2 RCH points!

July 31, 2012 WWRC NAWRA #5 out of 27

June 11 & 12, 2011 Panic #8 BCWRC meet of 46 and 4

Currently tied for 9th place Nationally for NAWRA!

Panic is 2nd in the 22 dog ORCC meet June 25, 2011getting 2RCH points for a total of 10.5

Panic gets 5th in the WWWA Nawra out of 32 dogs getting 1 RCH point

4/30/11 RCRA Sacramento NAWRA: Panic is 2nd in meet to the incomparable Peyton (currently the #1 dog in the country!!) 10 meets at a little over 2 years old, she has 7.5 RCH points

3/27/11 WWWA NOTRA Roy: 11th place today in her second complete oval. She's looking good.

1/16/11 NOFCA open field coursing, Panic wins her course and is moved up to finals. Unlucky in her final run, she still had a great day!

11/28/10 RCRA NOTRA #6 out of 32, her first complete oval meet!

10/23/10 WWRC NAWRA #6 out of 22

May 9th Panic takes 3rd (out of 30) at the BCWRC nawra meet in Canada getting 2 more RCH points for a total of 4 1/2!! Good girl Pancake!

May 1, Panic is 5th in the meet at the WWRC NAWRA

Panic gets 2 RCh points at the WWRC NAWRA meet March 20, 2010 getting 4th in the meet behind her dad, Ralph Edwards!

4th at the ORCC March 13, 2010 NAWRA meet getting 1/2 RCH point!

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