Laurel's Pet Grooming
My grooming business.

American Whippet Club
Our national breed club website.

ASFA Region 1
The best calendar for racing and lure coursing in the Northwest.

Barn Hunt

It's a Dog's World
Training and agility center in Sumner, WA

National Open Field Coursing Association
The other thing your whippet was bred to do: course rabbits.

National Oval Track Racing Association
Information on oval racing for ALL whippets and other sighthounds.

North American Whippet Racing Association
Information on what your whippet was bred to do: sprint.

Puget Sound Dock Dogs

UKC: United Kennel Club

Washington Whippet Racing Club
Straight and oval racing for whippets in the Portland area.

Western Washington Whippet Association
Check out what your local Whippet club is up to.

Whippet Racing Association
Straight racing in the east.

Whippet View
The most comprehensive site on the web on Whippets.

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