Jammin' Tazo

Khyber at the 2012 NAWRA/NOTRA Nationals
Khyber at 10 months, with dad Frost
Khyber at the beach
Khyber with dad Frost
Khyber at 8 weeks
Khyber at 8 weeks
Khyber at 8 weeks
Pedigree (from the Whippet Archives)
Sire: Oberon Frost Town - NAWRA RCH pointed, BOB NAWRA National Match 2009
Dam: UKC CH Jammin' Kashmiri Chai, LCM, SRM-3, OTRM-3, CRX7, CGC, RN, RATI

Born: 3/24/2010
Owner: Ellen Pillow & Aaron Clements, Portland, OR

From our 2010 litter, Khyber lives with dad Frost and Ellen Pillow and Aaron Clemens in Portland, OR.


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