Elektra Jammin' English, WRCHX3, OTR, RATN, DE

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English winning the BCWRC NAWRA meet
English and Blitz won the WWWA Nawra and Notra and wins cool first aid kids. Sounders wins the Sprinter.
English at home
English at the 2015 NAWRA National
Best Adult, 2015 NAWRA National Match
English wins the 2015 NAWRA National
English. Photo by Trent Rees.
English. Photo by Trent Rees.
English with her loot from the NAWRA/NOTRA Nationals. Photo by Hillary Tregillus.
Photo by Hillary Tregillus
English winning the meet March 2014, photo by Liz Werner
English winning the meet March 2014, photo by Liz Werner
English winning the 2013 WRA National!
English winning the 2013 WRA National! (Matthew Kinch)
English winning the 2013 WRA National! (Trent Rees)
English winning the 2013 WRA National! (Trent Rees)
English winning the 2013 WRA National! (Trent Rees)
English at 2 years (Trent Rees)
English at 1.5 years getting her first 2 ORC points with a 3rd place in an entry of 56 in Florida.
English at almost 2 years old.
14 months (Sue Burt)
1 year, English retrieving in the lake with Chili.
Winning a HP in the puppy races at the 2012 National with 12 puppies entered!
8 weeks old?
#2 puppy in meet at NAWRA Nationals 2012
Puppy races in Oregon
Puppy races in Oregon
Puppy races in Oregon
English's Pedigree (from the Whippet Archives)

Born: 8-8-11
Bred by: Robyn Brown & Merril Woolf
Owned by Laurel & Don Behnke

#1 NAWRA Whippet in North America for 2016

English was ranked #2 in 2015 North American Whippet Racing Association (not bad considering she took time out to have a litter)

NAWRA National meet winner in 2015 in Squamish BC

Finished 2nd to her brother at the WRA National in Texas 2015 by winning the last HP race

2014 WRA National 3rd place out of 100 dogs.

2014 NOTRA National top 20 High Score Best Opposite Combined.

NAWRA Meet Winner RCRA Nov 29, 2014

#3 NOTRA Nov 30, 2014 RCRA

English currently ranked #4 in the country NAWRA

5th place 2014 NAWRA National

2nd place in a nice RCH class National Match

Top 10 WWWA 5-24-14

2nd & BOS in Meet WWRC 4-26-14

Meet Winner NAWRA 4-6-14 wrag

Top 10 NCWC 3-1-14

2014 English was 4th in NAWRA Top 10 for the year.

March 22, 2014 Meet win WWWA

Nov 30, 2013 English wins her 2nd meet RCRA!

10-12-13 English WINS the 2013 WRA National!

9-14-13 WWRC English wins her first 20 dog meet, UNDEAFEATED! Putting her ranked as the # 4 in current NAWRA Top 10!

8-31-2013 NAWRA National 60 starters English gets 2nd in the meet, Best Opposite Sex and Best Opposite High Score Combined!

8-17-13 BCWRC 3rd out of 44 getting 1 National point

6-22-13 ORCC 4th of 19

5-4-13 BCWRC 3rd out of 27

4-6-13 WRAG 6th out of 30 getting 4RCH points Finishing her Race Championship!

3-23-13 WWWA 4th out of 31 getting 4RCH points

3-16-13 WWRC 2nd out of 20 getting 3 RCH points

10/27/12 NAWRA NCWC 2nd out of 39 picking up her first 2 RCH points.

10/20/12 NAWRA WWRC  5th out of 20

9/29/12 NAWRA WWWA 5th out of 20 FTE

English was undeafeated racing as a puppy until she met up with her brother Murgatroyd! Then they tied in points at the 2012 NAWRA National puppy race with English getting 2nd in the 12 dog meet. She has has a very bright future ahead of her.

English only ran in 3 meets in 2012 and still tied for 14 in NAWRA, she is ranked A27.

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