Farseer Jammin' Ghost Chili, ORC, SRM-2, RATO, DDNovice, DS, DJ

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Chili winning the 2020 NADD Regional veteran class and getting 3rd place Nationally
Chili at 10 years old
Chili at a Barn Hunt trial finishing his Open title, photo by Terry Wiest
Chili gets his RATN rat hunting novice title in June.
Chili gets Top 10 at the 2015 NOTRA National as a veteran!
Chili gets his RATN rat hunting novice title in June.
Chili Dock jumping, photo by Jeff Yen
Chili getting Best of Breed at the Grand Course 2013
Chili Winning Best Opposite at the Match and 7th on the Oval 2012 National
Head shot 2012 by Trent Reese
Stacked shot 2012 by Trent Reese
Chili 2012 on the oval in Or. Photo by Nicole Vaugn.
Chili on the dock
Chili on the dock
Chili at the Grand Course. Photo credit: Jairi Rai
Chili on the dock
Chili at the Grand Course. Photo credit: Jairi Rai
Chili dock diving!
Chili dock diving!
Chili dock diving!
Chili with all his loot from the Remembering Finnegan meet he took 2nd place in
Chili and Panic at work with mom, snuggling
Chili showing his heart, racing in the mud
Chili and his Puget Sound Dock Dog pals
Racing on the straight in Ca.
Chili practicing on the oval
7 months old
6 months old 28lbs, cute as 2 buttons
6 months old 28lbs, cute as 2 buttons
7 months old
and chillin' in the house
Chili at 12 weeks old, recovering from a nearly fatal illness
Chili at 5 weeks with his nurse, Chai
Chili's Pedigree (from the Whippet Archives)

Sire: Farseer Cochiti, ORC, SR, FCH, DDSE, DD Nitro, DDHF, RATI
Dam: Quixand Fallen Angel, RCH, SORC

Born: 08-09
Bred by: Diane Salts, Farseer

Chili was bred by our good friend Diane Salts (Farseer), from her 2009 Cochiti x Saphira litter.

Chili got his Dock Junior title (DJ) in August 2020!

Chili has retired from racing now with 26 National NOTRA points and 226 NOFCA points.

Chili has been Barn Hunting and got his Open title in 2017 being 1 of the only 2 whippets in the state to have an Open title (and only 1 of 35 whippets in the country)

Chili gets Top 10 at the 2015 NOTRA National as a veteran!

Chili had 9 RCH points.

Chili gets 1 NAWRA Point 7-26-14 Top 10 WWRC

7th BCWRC NAWRA 5-3-14

8th BCWRC NAWRA 6-7-14

Chili enters his first Barn Hunt (finding rats) and gets his instinct title and one leg towards his novice and now has his RATI

Chili spent some of 2013 out with a toe injury but, while he was running:

Best of Breed Grand Course!

Top 10 2013 NOTRA Derby

Top 20 2012 NOTRA National

Best Opposite in Fun Match NAWRA National 2012

Chili jumping 16' 8" April 21, 2012 at the Dock Dogs Puyallup Spring Fair.

Chili's final Grand Course described:
Course 3: Y Kysza (S) 69/72; P Chili (W) 75/74; B Fennec (W) 70/73. This hare came up fairly close in short cover, and the whippets took full advantage. Chili (Laurel and Donald Behnke) had the jump on Fennec (Bridget Cagney, Jennette Gersich) at the start and maintained the advantage through an excitingly fast agile run-up ending in wrenches, quick turns and a take attempt with a hard touch. Fennec was lapped right on Chili and got in a couple of wrenches and a turn, they sprinted again with Chili in charge, and the hare suddenly used a bush to disappear from under their noses (I saw it sneaking away soon after, dogs couldn't believe it was gone). The good and fast saluki Kyzsa (Jennifer Trefonas and Cynthia Bethke) couldn't quite match the whippets in this sprinting course, and never got to stretch her legs to show what she could do.

Fun in the Sun! Nov 19/20, 2011 Chili flies to Florida to try out the Jacksonville, Fl Greyhound practice track. It's on sand and uses a rail lure just the like the professionals! Chili loves it and is 3rd out of 60! dogs and 2nd out of 50! Whippets the next day. Getting a bunch of National points. What a great time we had!

First time out open field coursing, Chili gets 5th place in the SSIH club mixed hunt. I think he really is gonna like this.

NCWC NOTRA Derby 72 dogs, Chili gets 3rd place, he wins the semi and is 2nd in the other 3 HP's. He ran tough through the mud and rain. We are proud of our Chill.

Don and I fly Chili to Indiana for the NOTRA National and he is 7th place out of 99 dogs!! 3rd in a tough first race with Threnody and Dazzler, he wins all 3 of his next races.

NCWC Sacramento, Ca. 40 dog meet, Chili gets 4th place for 3 more ORC points finishing his ORC title!!!!!!

BCWRC NOTRA meet Squamish BC;8/28/11 the Remembering Finnegan meet Chili is honored to get 2nd in a competitive 31 dog meet. Getting 2 more points for his oval title!

August 2011 Clark County Fair Grounds Dock Dog event, Chili gets his biggest air yet with a jump of 16'! (since he's been jumping 20' at practice we are excited for the spring!)

Chili gets 2nd place in Novice his first competition at the South Sound Dock Dog competition at the Bite of Seattle jumping 8'!! This is his second time in the pool ever and only 2 weeks ago did he even go swimming in a lake!

Chili is 4th in the ORCC NOTRAJune 26, 2011

Chili went to California May 15, 2011 and took 2nd both days on the NOTRA meet, getting 1 ORC and 2 ORC points, for a total of 11.

Chili gets 5th in the WWWA NOTRA meet out of 51 dogs getting on ORC point.

5/1/11 RCRA NOTRA Sacramento: Chili WINS the MEET! 3 orc/3 national points!! He has a total of 7 of the 15 needed!

4/17/11 WRAG NOTRA Goldendale: 4th in meet and 2 more orc pts!

4/10/11 NFH Redding NOTRA: 2nd in meet at his 3rd oval getting 1 orc pt

3/27/11 WWWA NOTRA Roy: Chili gets 5th place and his first ORC point!

11/27/11 RCRA NAWRA Sacramento: 9th place

11/14/10 WWWA NOTRA Roy: FTE on the oval #11, he looks like a natural!

11/13/10 WWWA NAWRA #11

9/25/10 ORCC NAWRA #10

First time entered on the straight Chili gets Top 10!

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