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Potrait by Vavra
Cayman's first BIF
Cayman Island Rescue
Happy Cayman, photo by Marie Anti.
Felicia her first time open field coursing with Cayman. TCC, California, 2002
At the line, waiting for the tally-ho!
At the line, waiting for the tally-ho!
Cayman and her litter sister (also rescued) Pixie Land Rescue FCH
Cayman at 7 years old
Cayman digging for her toys in a friends toy box!
Cayman with her favorite toy!
Cayman in her annual pumpkin outfit!

Cayman makes the Hall of Fame for ASFA which makes my heart happy

Cayman was my first SPDR rescue Whippet, I got her at 7wks old from the King County shelter. The "breeders" had left her there. The sire of the litter had bit her in the head, fracturing her skull and puncturing her sinuses-we almost lost her.  But with the help of the shelter staff, my vet and God, she made it.  Of course, the intention was to foster her and place her but, she was meant to stay.  And so I named her "Cayman Island Rescue" & got her AKC ILP#, so she could come along with the other 2 whippets and do some lure coursing, IF she got big enough(she was soo small).  Well, she did barely get big enough( 22.5 lb 18.5") and we "took her along" coursing. She has been the #1 Whippet for WWWA 5 years in a row, in the top 20 ASFA and is the #1 all time Rescue dog with an ILP# in ASFA with an LCM6! She’s a pistol, and we love our little Cayman dearly. We know her sire belonged to a couple who brought him over from Russia and her dam was rumored to be from Canada and that’s all we know of her pedigree.

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