Jammin' Paul Revere, ORC, SR, RATS, CC, FCH, DN

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Best of Breed at the ASFA II





Beastie gets Best in Class and his Novice rat hunting title.
Beastie with his loot from the 2014 NAWRA/NOTRA Nationals. Photo by Hillary Tregillus.
National fun match (Trent Reese)
Beastie Boy’s best performance yet, Top 20 at the 2013 NOTRA Derby! (Trent Reese)
Beastie Boy learning the oval (Jeff Yen)
Beastie Boy's handsome face
Beast at 15 months old
Beastie 10 weeks
Casabella with her boy
Beast on the lure (Trina Woody)
Beast mode (Trina Woody)
About 4 months (John)
Beastie Boy's Pedigree (from the Whippet Archives)

Born: 3-18-12
Bred by: Laurel & Don Behnke and Samara King
Owned by: Laurel & Don Behnke

Our keeper from our Zip x Casabella litter.

Beastie finished his Barn Hunt Senior (RATS) title!

Beastie got his "CC" Coursing Championship Nov 2017 with a Hunt win and a UK

Beastie is trying his hand at Dock Diving! Jumping about 13' with NADD

Beastie tried Barn Hunting Open title in 2017 being 1 of the only 2 whippets in the state to have an Open title (and only 1 of 35 whippets in the country) and Coondog water trials makes finals and earns us $38 Summer of 2016

Beastie goes to his second hunt in almost 2 years and gets a 2nd and a 5th place in the mixed hunt in Nevada.

Beastie wins BoB at the 2015 ASFA II and ties for 1st place the second day.

Beastie gets Best in Class and his Novice rat hunting title.

Beastie finishes his Oval Racing title in fine style getting 4th at the NOTRA Derby in 2014

Wins his second mixed hunt April 4, 2015 in Nevada

#4 NAWRA 11-9-14 swept

#5 NOTRA Nov 30, 2014 RCRA

Hunt Winner April 4, 2015 Nevada

Top 10 (getting 3 ORC points) 2014 NOTRA National

Goes to his first Barn Hunt and found the Rat in a record time of 5 seconds! Fastest time in Instinct! New title: RATI

3rd in meet (getting 4 ORC points) WWWA NOTRA 5-25-14

5th in Meet (getting 3 ORC points) NCWC 3-2-14

OFC Hunt Winner! 1-12-14

March 2, 2014 Beastie gets his first oval championship points!

5th place at our first race meet of the year in Ca.

March 23, 2014 11th place

March 30, 2014 Top 10 WWRC NOTRA meet

Feb 2014 Beastie Boy ties for 4th at the Grand Course Breed Hunt and advances to the mixed finals! He shows great promise on the hares his first year out.

Beastie Boy tried out Open Field Coursing this year with NOFCA and seems to be catching on. He wins the mixed Hunt getting 40points and qualifying him for the Grand Course his first year out.

Beastie Boy’s best performance yet: Top 20 at the 2013 NOTRA Derby!

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