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OFA Cardiac & CERF Normal

Born: 10-10-04
Owned by: Diane Jones and Jenette Mackey-Gersich

Jammin’ Dragon Well garners his very first ORC point on the same weekend he runs TWO full days running sound on his toe. Bacchus’s stem cells seem to be doing the job in side that toe and we’ve been bringing him back slowly and that weekend was his first to run two full days all year. We were so happy and excited he’d finished the day so well, the extra ORC point was a bonus!! Congratulations to all of Bacchus’s owners but, mostly to Diane Jones. Bacchus is the 4th of this litter to be race Ch. pointed.

As of June 2006, Bacchus is #6 in ASFA!

  • #18 (of 98) 2006 NOTRA Nationals Oklahoma
  • 2nd Open ASFA 2006 II Colorado 30pts to finish his FCH!!
  • BOB AWC National 2006 Boston
  • 1st in Open class of 10, Chico NAWRA National Fun Match 2006
  • Top 10 Notra WWRC 3-19-06
  • BOS Puppy in Match Squamish Nationals 2005

Brags from the 2006 AWC National:
(Read more about Bacchus' and Chai's adventures in Boston in the 4/23/06 edition of "The Daily Whippet")
Bacchus was 1st in his flight, then ran off with his sister and JR for best in Open and won that! Then he ran off for Best of Breed/Best in Field with Ios, the veteran race dog and Barry the Field Champion and WON! This is only his second lure course, so his owner Diane Jones was very proud.

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